Roncesvalles to Zubiri – Day 3

We woke up early to use the bathrooms and set off to the restaurant for a breakfast of orange juice, coffee, toast, jamon, cheese, yum cake and apple. We shared a table with a lady from New York and a French girl who’d started her walk at Le Puy.

The walk out of Roncesvalles was pretty. We crossed tiny bridges over streams, saw horses grazing in the fields and cows mooing in the meadows. We crossed a stream with ice cold water and wet our feet.

About 8k from Zubiri we started a descent down very jagged rocky trails. We were entering the magnetite region and Zubiri is a centre of extraction of magnetite for the production of iron and steel.

The hot Spanish sun along with the jagged slopes made for some tough walking.

We arrived in the village of Zubiri and entered the albergue Zaldiko, only to be greeted by its magnetic owner Maria. She directed us to her apartment where we had a room for ourselves after dorms for 3 nights. The apartment was lovely and the fully fitted kitchen and washing machine were a blessing. Maria’s place is neat and homely and is highly recommended for anyone travelling through Zubiri.

For dinner we had some delicious wine from the Navarra region along with pinxtos.

We bumped into our meditating German and the other German couple we’d met at Kayola. It’s lovely to meet people who’ve you’ve just met but feel like you’ve known forever!

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