Day 42 – Arzua to O Pedrouzo

These 20km are through quiet forest paths with eucalyptus groves between villages that are so small with houses so spread out that it is hard to tell where one village ends and the next one begins. The scenery is one of the most beautiful throughout the Camino. But then Galicia is something else!!!

A bottle cafe – you can leave a message in a bottle

John sets out early. Javier arranges a cab for 11am & I reach OPedrouzo in 20 minutes. Javier and his wife were most affectionate as I got into the cab. From the stray words that were familiar, the gestures and the expressions I gathered they were hoping my legs would heal soon, they hoped the stay was ‘Buen’, and that we would reach Santiago safely. I got hugged and kissed by these kind people who hardly knew me. As usual I’m overwhelmed! The drive to the village OPedrouzo is pretty, through fields and hills. just as I get out of the taxi, John arrives. He walked alone the entire way, as usual, at top speed, not stopping anywhere! The shared apartment here has a fully stocked kitchen, so we help ourselves to fruit and sandwiches.

We have an early dinner. Resh and Ash are in the village too, so we catch up with them. Another great conversation with them about their adventures around the world, this time fascinating recounts of their difficulty entering Israel, staying in Palestine, their time in Iran, getting pickpocketed in Addis Ababa, etc. We bid our goodbyes and promise to stay in touch. They head on to Finisterra after Santiago. Finisterra, as the word tells you, is where the world ends, at least till Chis Columbus discovered the Americas.

I’m determined to walk into Santiago and get ready mentally to do so. The next morning we plan to leave early so that the 18km can be covered slowly.


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