Day 22 – Castrojeriz to Formista

We left at 6.05am, eager to make headway before the sun came out. We have 25km to cover. Turns out Castrojeriz isn’t such a little town after all. It takes us about 20 min to leave town. The Monastery/ palace ruin is atop the hill that the town winds itself around.

Monasterio de San Antón

As we head into the fields, the sunrise through the clouds is splendid! The colours of the sky are beautiful!

After all that beauty in the skies, we face our first challenge of the day – Alto de Mostelares, at the exit of Castrojeriz. It’s a climb of about 145 meters in almost 2 km of continuous climbing. Once you get to the top there are incredible views.

The plateau continues endlessly. We cross from the province of Burgos to the province of Palencia, still in the region of Castile Leon. We pass some humble villages, dusty and agricultural.

Motorised wheelchair
Sahara cap – new acquisition
Boadilla del Camino

We arrive at Itero de la Vega, where we have a quick coffee, intent on moving ahead before the sun gets more intense. After about 8km of a really hot walk we reach Boadilla del Camino. With only one cafe open and overflowing and an irate owner, we decide to power ahead. With 7km to Frómista and quite exhausted by the heat, we aren’t able to appreciate the beauty of the canal we’re walking parallel to – the Canal de Castilla.

There’s a bunch of school kids who’ve been dropped by the boat to the end of the canal, where we are, and we all walk towards Formista together. Of course except for a pair of chatty girls who walk really slowly, the rest are way ahead.

It’s the longest walk we’ve don’t so far! Felt good that we had the energy for this! Tomorrow is an easier day with just 19km to cover!

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