Puente de la Reina to Villatuerta – Day 6

We had about 18km to cover. We had checked for accommodation in Estella, but couldn’t find anything. So instead we picked Albergue La Casa Magica in Villatuerta, run by a young couple. It was the perfect stop after a fairly tiring walk with lots of uphills and downhills.

We walked past lots of wheat fields and saw the beginning of olive groves and vineyards.

After checking in, we went about our routine of settling in, having a bath, using the washing machine, hanging up our clothes to dry and then taking a nap.

At around 6pm, instead of joining some of the pilgrims for the pilgrim dinner, we decided to go to the supermercado and pick up some bread, jamon, cheese and tomato for sandwiches the next day. At the store, the lady behind the counter was excited to see Indians and went to great length to explain in Spanish that she knows an Indian – we think (our limited understanding of some of her words, expressions and gestures) the Indian is a nun who’s looking after little children in a town not far from there.

From there we headed to the only bar in town run by a wonderful lady, who fed us well – we had pimientos de carne, tortilla and bread, a fried bread roll filled with meat, some super fresh olives and nuts. We drank some superb Navarro wine and beer. As a parting gift she gave us 2 heart shaped lollipops, wishing us a buen Camino!

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