Airport sagas

It’s midnight and the destination is Bangalore airport. The last kilometre took us 30 minutes -no we haven’t started our walk yet! – we’re in an Uber. There are massive lines of cars heading to both ‘departures’ and ‘arrivals’ and the din of everyone honking, is deafening. Our Uber driver is excited and he’s providing a running commentary to his pal who has been on the phone with him ever since we were picked up.

It’s not unusually crowded inside the airport and the flight for Dubai leaves on time.

The sight from the plane window as you land in Dubai, is always stunning….the neatly laid out off white buildings against a bare brown landscape looks serene. From the air, everything looks planned with precision.

We’re informed by the pilot that we’ve landed 20 minutes early and the ground staff aren’t ready for us, so we wait in the aircraft. There’s always a set of passengers who charge out of their seats as soon as the seat belt sign goes off. Well, those guys just stood in the aisle for 20 minutes, at least most of them did.

We literally run to catch our flight to Paris. We had exactly 45 minutes to reach the gate and that had to include security check, toilet breaks and a 2k dash to the gate 17.

The flight to Paris was very comfortable, great food & drink and an excellent entertainment list. We touched down at 1.30pm to the pleasant temperature of 19 degrees Celsius outside.

Out of the aircraft and we’re into a sea of queues to clear immigration. Post covid travel seems to be at its peak!

Paree here we come!

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