Finding the right gear

Every time we step out, it’s either to walk or to hunt for gear. Since we’re walking close to 25k a day with our bag on our backs, it is important to pack light. The standard recommendation is that you keep the weight of your bag to a maximum of 10% of your body weight. 

The first task was to make a packing list. The internet is replete with lists and they’re all helpful and full of good information. You need to pick and choose items that you think you can’t do without.

GEAR – backpack, trekking poles, water holder, waist pouch for passport, money etc.
SLEEPING – sleeping bag/ liner, blanket, ear plugs, eye masks
CLOTHING – 2 long sleeved shirts, 2 short sleeved shirts, 2 hiking pants, 1 hiking shorts, nightwear, raincoat, underwear, socks, flip flops, hiking sandals, hiking shoes, warm cap, sun cap, scarf, sunglasses, gloves, masks, jacket
ELECTRONICS – phone plus charger, power bank, converter (Indian to European plug point), iWatch plus charger
TOILETRIES – Toothbrush and paste, soap, shampoo and conditioner, , razor, nail clipper, comb, hair ties, towel, sunscreen, lip balm, skin cream, medicines, sanitary pads, petroleum jelly (to keep the feet sore free), contact lenses and solution, reading glasses
EXTRAS – Torch, locks, tape, safety pins, hand sanitiser, wipes, needle and thread

Packing list

On the top of our list of things to buy, are good walking shoes and good backpacks. As far as the shoes were concerned we needed something light, with ankle support, hard soles for the rigour of the walk and water proof. The back pack should be sturdy, very light, with good back support and well designed compartments.

We did an initial survey of what is available in Bangalore. We visited 4 Decathlon outlets, Wildcraft, Woodland and Columbia and found our shoes and bags at Columbia. We picked Deuter bags – a 35L one for me and a 50L one for John. We found our clothing, blankets, quick dry clothing, trekking sandals, trekking poles, socks, raincoats and a bright red buff for me at the Decathlons (Bellary Road, Hennur Road, Whitefield, Brigade Road).

We filled our bags and the good news is that they weigh close to 5kgs, without our water bottles. We’re good!!

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